Training Director's Note:

Welcome to CarpentersTraining, Washington State's premier carpentry apprenticeship.

A carpenter built the floor beneath you. The hospital you were born in, the school you attended, the stadium where your favorite team plays—all built by carpenters. At CarpentersTraining, we’re proud to provide entry into a profession that creates the foundations of community. To a career that has been revered throughout history. And to a line of work that is made up of individuals who are committed not only to reaching the highest level of their craft, but also to being vital contributors to their own communities.

It’s a rare educational path that offers earnings along with learning. But from day one, CarpentersTraining not only puts the full range of crafts and a spectrum of methods directly into your hands—we also let you put your new skills into action on the job. Time-honored techniques, leading-edge technology and professional instruction put you on track to be among the best, safest, and most productive professionals in the field.

Any accomplished carpenter will tell you that the pride of outstanding craftsmanship is a reward in itself. Driving over the bridge you helped build? There’s nothing like it. But the promise of our apprenticeship program is even bigger—it’s a great living, with excellent pay, flexibility, and benefits that follow you and your family throughout your career. With boundless opportunity to advance, you’ve got control of your future in a world filled with too much uncertainty. And you’re part of a dynamic whole, adding to the collaborative strength and value of a long-respected brotherhood of carpenters.

For more information, please contact us at:

Carpenters Training Center
20424 72nd Avenue South
Kent, WA. 98032
Phone: (253) 437-5235
Toll Free: (866) 295-8764
Email: training@carpentertraining.org