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Training Director's Notes:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
As many of you may know, the deadline for completing the required training, per the Wall & Ceiling contract, is drawing ever closer. We at the Carpenters Training Trust have been adding additional classes to help facilitate your ability to meet these requirements. I strongly encourage you to sign up for your needed classes soon, as they are rapidly filling up.
See the list below for the approved classes.

To see the contract language, follow the link here: Wall & Ceiling Contract

Dave Chumney
Interim Training Director
EIS Approved Class List as of 2/26/2014

Required Training
Class Hours
*First Aid/CPR8
*OSHA 1010
Aerial Lift/Man Lift8
Construction Fall Protection8
Powder Actuated Tool ( Hilti & Ramset )8
Scaffold User8
*- Classes may be taken by a certified third party agency 
EIS Training 
Access Floors8
Acoustic T-Bar Grid8
Advanced Print reading/Material Takeoffs12
Basic Blueprint/Basic Layout8
Best Practices in Health Care24
Commercial & Residential Steel Framing 1- Introduction 8
Commercial & Residential Steel Framing 2- Print Reading & Layout8
Commercial & Residential Steel Framing 3- Floor Construction8
Commercial & Residential Steel Framing 4- Framing Walls8
Commercial & Residential Steel Framing 5- Framing Roofs8
Construction Master Calculator 1 & 28
Drywall Finishing1- Hand Tools32
Drywall Finishing 2-Mechanical Tools32
Foreman/Leadership Skills Enhancement32
Interior Systems Layout- Basic8
Interior Systems Layout- Advanced8
Lathing 1- Expanded Metal Lath & Trims8
Lathing 2- Woven Wire, Flashing & Barriers8
Lathing 3- Free Form8
Lathing 4- Dome/Ceilings8
Lathing 5- Suspended Plaster Ceilings8
Math for L.A.D.S8
Metal Stud Framing8
MSF 01- Basic Walls, Doors, Re-Lights & Access Panels8
MSF 02- Layout of Pentagons, Hexagons & Octagons8
MSF 03- Shaft Walls Systems8
MSF 04- GWB Soffits, Stair-Step, Soffits & Curtain Walls8
MSF 05- Suspended Drywall Ceiling ( CRC & HC )8
MSF 06- Chamfered Ceilings8
MSF 07- Barrel Ceiling & Arched Soffits8
MSF 08- Radius Walls & Soffits8
MSF 09- Basic Drawings & Specifications8
MSF 10- Drywall Grid & Soffits8
Doors & Hardware8
Classes Offered At The ITC 
UBC Superintendent Career Training 
UBC Foreman Training 
UBC Journeyman Training 
UBC Mentor Training
General Training 
Fire Stop8
Powered Industrial Forklift Training8
Rigging Refresher16
Rough Terrain Forklift8
Scaffold Erector40
Scaffold Erector Refresher8
Total Station24
Transit & Level40
Welding Lab40
Doors & Hardware12
*OSHA 3030
**OSHA 760016
**Clean Room10
**- Classes are NOT taught at the WA Training Centers 
*- Classes may be taken by a certified third party agency 

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